Our story

BrandCraft was founded by Adam Charlton and Gregor Vand.

We opened the studio after working within Hong Kong agencies and being frustrated with the normal working practice of taking on many clients resulting in a local brand-landscape of ill-conceived, rushed and impersonal work.

BrandCraft was born with the aim to deliver high-quality work through critical processes, unique design and lasting client partnerships to local and global brands and audiences.


Why choose to work with us?

We have a process-led design practice and deeply value our client partnerships. We believe transparency and communication is the key to great work and pride ourselves on our critical creative processes, forward-thinking, and our modern and refined design executions.

We love helping our clients create nuanced, relevant and future-proof brands and visual identities.


Our services

BrandING, CORPORATE & visual identity

We partner with companies across a range of industries and sizes to envisage corporate identities, develop brand strategies and implement rebranding.


With the help of our digital partners, we design and develop applications, websites and e-commerce, ensuring brands can implement a holistic strategy across product, print and digital.

Brand guardianship

Beyond visual identity, we produce brand usage guidelines and offer brand guardianship services, to enable small and large teams to use their brands correctly, staying on message with their communications.


We produce promotional key visuals and brand campaigns.


Our practice

Work & process

We help companies to create brands. We design logos, visual identity systems, brand usage guidelines and tools, print, packaging and digital. Although each collaboration is different, we have a considered and curated work process to guide us through the project. → View our blog


While we do not submit projects to pay-for-entry design awards, our projects have been featured both in print and online magazines such as BrandNew, Branding Identity Design, Branding Served, Creative Talk Asia 2016, Design Ideas, Design Week UK, For Print Only, ffffound!, Looks Like Good Design, Netdiver, Packaging Served, Shijue, Subtle Patterns, The Inspiration Grid, Think Do, Ultra Linx, Under Consideration.

Clients & partners

We work with both small and large organisations, startups and multinationals. Our clients include → JP Morgan, Fair Trade Hong Kong and Swire Properties.

We are just as happy to discuss a new project or just to say hello. Please email our Design Director adam@brandcraft.hk


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