Thank you, 2018!
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The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of what we have achieved, and what we hope to achieve in the years to come.

2018 has been an incredible year for us. We have grown the team and added clients such as Pimco, Marriott International and Sino Group to our growing client list. The year has out grown my expectations.

Looking forward we are hoping to retain our current clients, to continue to provide ongoing support. We are also looking to reach out to work with NGO and the arts & culture sectors.

In terms of our service offering, with a couple of recent projects we are working more behind the brand, getting involved earlier in the business model, positioning and brand strategy, and I feel confident to provide this to more new clients moving forward. Having a broader scope of service, and getting involved in the beginnings of the brand strategy and positioning, will help us understand, position and create the brand to differentiate and carve out a brand’s loyal and growing following.

We want to add value, and work out how we can add even more value through design. We do not get hung up on the trendy cliches of ‘design thinking’ or using design as ‘problem solving’. Our mission is to powerful add value to our clients through our work. We want to create strong and flexible visual identity systems that become their company’s personalities, withstanding time and eventually outlive us. We want to show the world the power of great branding.

Thank you to our clients, collaborators, suppliers, friends and family for a fantastic 2018, see you in 2019!


Courtyard Corporation
—A modern twist on a corporate identity


About the author, Adam

Adam is the design director of BrandCraft. BrandCraft is a branding and design consultancy based in Hong Kong. We specialise in branding, visual identity, corporate identity and rebranding.

Adam is a branding consultant and has worked with clients in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Tokyo, South Korea and China. He has had self-initiated art and design projects exhibited at various galleries and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum of Art and Design and regularly writes about branding and design theory.

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