Moving to Minimalism


There was a great article on Dezeen earlier this week. Here I offer my thoughts on the subject of minimalism.

Minimalism is clarity. Minimalism in branding embodies the clear presentation of the values and manifesto of the company.

Branding is a process to find and present the authentic essence of the company. In cities and industries cluttered with brand choice and visual noise, it is the simple messages that have the greatest strength in standing out and resonating with customers over time. Visual minimalism has the greatest power when iconifying companies that want to present their values honestly and in a wholesome way.

Large multi-national companies wanting to stay contextual, now face the need to have a developed perspective on themselves, to critically look into the mirror and figure out what they want to wear for the next decade or more.

God is in the details


About the author, Adam

Adam is the design director of BrandCraft. Originally from the UK, Adam graduated with a Masters Degree in design from Goldsmiths University of London. Adam is a member of the New York Art Directors Club and D&AD. In 2014 Adam was shortlisted for Design Week’s Rising Star Award and in 2015 was appointed as a Global Brand Consultant for JP Morgan.

Adam has worked with clients in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Tokyo, South Korea and China and has had self-initiated art and design projects exhibited at various galleries and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum of Art and Design.

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