Happy Birthday Bakehouse!

Hard to believe Bakehouse opened their doors a year ago today. So proud to be part of their story and to still work with their hardworking, courageous and lovely team.




We have recently completed the rebranding of GoSkills, an e-learning platform that provides software training courses.

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Following the visual identity we developed for Courtyard Corporation, we were asked us to create the identity for a new brand in their F&B holdings – a modern take on a chain of traditional teahouse launching in Foshan in 2019.

在完成Courtyard Corporation的品牌設計之後,我們很榮幸再次為旗下將於2019年開業的現代茶屋做新設計。

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Hack Chinese

We have recently completed a digital-first visual identity for Hack Chinese, a web application that enables students to speak, read and write in Mandarin.

我們完成了為Hack Chinese設計的動態數碼商標。Hack Chinese通過網頁和手機程序教學生聽、說、讀和寫中文。

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The Study

We are excited to share a very unique recent project. The Study is a space in that combines a cafe, meditation area, and yoga studio. Located at the top of LKF in Central, The Study is a tranquil respite away from the noise and chaos of the streets below.

很高興與大家分享一個獨特的作品。The Study是一個結合了咖啡廳,靜坐和瑜伽室的空間。它位於中環的LFK Tower內, 是一個寧靜、遠離嘈雜的休息之處。



Food Vibes Only

Very happy to share an update from our recent work with Swire. Continuing our relationship with Pacific Place, we worked with the team and created a campaign around the dining promotion within the mall.

很高興分享我們為Swire設計的新作品。我們和Pacific Place的團隊再次合作,在商場內設計了餐廳宣傳廣告。




The local Wan Chai spot has had an incredibly successful start to their journey, a local story we are honoured to be a part of. The project has been a big part of our work over the last 18 months, and it is such a pleasure to see our work in-action, not to mention how Gregoire has kept us well fed with his incredible pastries!


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We have recently completed a new project for RPSA. RPSA is a family of French origin based in Hong Kong. The family have been based in Asia for over a decade and came to us to design an identity for their business and social communications.


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