Pacific Place is a luxury retail destination in Hong Kong. We have worked with the team since 2015 and have been instrumental in the evolution of their brand identity. Over the last three years we worked on a series of projects for Pacific Place, crafting their new image and revitalising the mall as Hong Kong’s premier luxury retail destination.


We used the metaphors of travel and the unique topography that situates Pacific Place to create a brand pattern for Pacific Place. This pattern was incorporated into multiple campaigns and throughout the Pacific Place identity.

pp_002 (1).jpg

We also worked on various themed campaigns aimed at drawing in customers to different mall offerings.

BrandCraft was commissioned by Pacific Place to develop the key visual and messaging content for their upcoming food promotion. Aimed at drawing millennials and food lovers to try out new dishes they may not have considered before, 'Food Vibes Only' is a celebration of the diversity of food offerings at Pacific Place. Coupled with a strong digital presence, and 'take with you' invites shaped like the signature food items, the campaign was designed to be easily shareable in-person and across social media.



Adam Charlton, Gregor Vand, Emily Lau, Marion Durand


Client: Swire Properties
Year: 2015—2018