Yun Ya is a Chinese-inspired unisex body-wash positioned in the UK. The client wanted an authentic logo at the heart of the brand thus we set about designing an identity that would capture it's cross-cultural history and framing.



The identity was inspired by Chinese calligraphy and the Japanese artist Toko Shinoda's sumi ink paintings.


Ideation & design

To execute the logo we spent a great deal of time both researching Chinese calligraphy and practicing with brushstrokes. The logo is formed of two abstract strokes to represent the 'y' of Yun Ya.


The final version of the logo is a digital vectorization that maintains the flow and motion of the hand drawn action.



The conception of Yun Ya's first range of body-wash was heavily influenced by Chinese Astrology and symbols. The product icons from the individual astrological meanings of the elements Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water. To give the product range a tactile depth we added images of macro-photography which was then cropped within each icon.


Project Information

Client: Yun Ya
Year: 2015
Discipline: Visual identity & packaging
Visuals: BrandCraft