Our services

BrandCraft was born with the aim to deliver high-quality work through critical processes, unique design and lasting client partnerships to local and global brands and audiences.


Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

We partner with companies across a range of industries and sizes to create corporate identities, develop brand strategies and consult on and implement rebranding. We work closely with our clients, and believe clear communication results in better, stronger and more unique brands. → View our visual identity projects

Promotional Campaign Design

We produce promotional key visuals and brand campaigns for both established brands and startups. → View our promotional campaign projects




With the help of our digital partners, we design and develop applications, websites and e-commerce, ensuring brands can implement a holistic strategy across product, print and digital. → View our digital projects

Brand Guardianship

Beyond visual identity, we produce brand usage guidelines and offer brand guardianship services, to enable small and large teams to use their brands correctly, staying on message with their communications. → Read about our partnership with JP Morgan