Yellow Jam Marketing




Diarised marketing blog by marketing professional and enthusiast, Joe Morecroft. He helps businesses by taking on their marketing challenges, and finding ways to make them smile – he then blogs about the experience; what was achieved and how. Joe's quirky and hardworking personality is reflected in the subtly playful but fundamentally structured and formal logo design.


I founded Yellow Jam in 2014 with the idea of it being a friendly, straight speaking and modern company for small to medium businesses to follow. Our philosophy was to firstly produce a great blog, teaching budding entrepreneurs about modern digital marketing techniques. We would then to offer personalised consulting as a more substantial marketing strategy.

I wanted BrandCraft to represent this in its brand personality. We needed a minimal yet powerful identity. The brilliance of the Yellow Jam logo consistently gets my clients talking akin to the Rorschach inkblot test. I often tell them to look past the 'YJ' and ask them what else they see. The results are always fascinating and they never forget Yellow Jam logo or brand. What BrandCraft has done is taken Yellow Jam's philosophies and has intelligently brought it to life. When a companies branding makes you think, draws emotions and springs conversation, it starts to become much more than just a business. - Joe Morecroft, Yellow Jam Marketing