Today was designed yesterday


A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organisation
 — Marty Neumeier

A brand is an individual's subjective feeling of everything that surrounds an organisation. A ‘brand’ is the purified essence of your total experiences with the brand; the store experience, the digital experience, your experience with their products, the fit of the brand’s clothes, the energy their drinks give you, how the products impact your life, become part of your daily routine.

As a branding consultancy, our goal is to create an own-able visual language, that becomes a vessel for meaning and identification for the organisation. To be successful, the brand’s visual language should behave consistently across all touch-points. To create a brand identity that can hold multiple values and meaning while being own-able and unique, we have a critical design process that we use in each project.

Design Thinking is Bullsh*t 
 — Natasha Jen

Our design process is not hung up on post-it fueled workshops and design thinking. At the start of our process, we meet the decision makers and open a dialogue about the organisation’s context in the industry and customers. We get to know the organisation to create a partnership. Our branding strategy differs in depth on every project, but the underlying reason is to get to know the client and understand their values and their vision. We pull apart and understand the organisation’s origin story, it’s mission, DNA, short and long-term vision, competitor landscape and market position. With these key threads understood, we understand the context of the brand.

You cannot judge branding like a diving competition 
 — Michael Beirut

We’re designing to future-proof your organisation’s brand. We create your visual language from logo, logotype, graphic assets, typographic and colour palettes, that go on to develop meaning through time. We’re not designing the branding to work just today, but for the next ten, twenty, thirty years.

The world is moving much too quickly now. If you’re not ahead of the culture, then you’re falling behind it. I don’t think companies are even competing with each other anymore. We’re all competing with the future itself. 
 — Brian Collins


About the author, Adam

Adam is the design director of BrandCraft. BrandCraft is a branding and design consultancy based in Hong Kong. We specialise in branding, visual identity, corporate identity and rebranding.

Adam is a branding consultant and has worked with clients in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Tokyo, South Korea and China. He has had self-initiated art and design projects exhibited at various galleries and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum of Art and Design and regularly writes about branding and design theory.

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