Today was designed yesterday. We only look forward.


What is the future of ‘brand’?

We recently completed a project for a Knowledge Transfer organisation, which acts as an intermediary between industry and doctorate graduates. The world is moving too fast to consider what is their ’now’, we looked at what they will be in 5-25 years, what is the next phase of the organisation, and how can we create identity.

Today was designed yesterday. We only look forward.

Aside from the functional needs of the new brand, a brand system build of an icon as the identifier and flexible mark, logotype, colour and typefaces, we created a brand pattern. The pattern is modular, and will be used in various sizes and colourways as the organisation evolves into their next phases.

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You cannot judge branding like a diving competition — Michael Beirut

As a branding consultancy, the success of our work is only clear through passing time. The longevity, impact of the brand in connection to it’s organisation. We design the brand for the future, to future-proof it, as best as we can. For us, this is why process and applied strategy is important.

Design Thinking is Bullsh*t — Natasha Jen

We don’t get hung up on post-it fueled workshops, or design thinking. At the start of our process we meet the decision makers, and open a dialogue about the organisation’s context in the industry and customers. We get to know each other over a couple of meetings, we create a partnership, and build feelings of trust. Our branding strategy differs in depth on every project, but the underlaying reason is to get to know the client and understand their values and their vision. We run through our strategy deck to pull apart and understand the mission, DNA, short and long-term vision, competitor landscape and market position.

”The world is moving much too quickly now. If you're not ahead of the culture, then you're falling behind it. I don’t think companies are even competing with each other anymore. We’re all competing with the future itself.” — Brian Collins


About the author, Adam

Adam is the design director of BrandCraft. Originally from the UK, Adam graduated with a Masters Degree in design from Goldsmiths University of London. Adam is a member of the New York Art Directors Club and D&AD. In 2014 Adam was shortlisted for Design Week’s Rising Star Award and in 2015 was appointed as a Global Brand Consultant for JP Morgan.

Adam has worked with clients in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Tokyo, South Korea and China and has had self-initiated art and design projects exhibited at various galleries and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum of Art and Design.

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